Design & Planning

Kingsmead Homes offers a complete design & planning service to their clients who already own their own land or who are intending to purchase.


Once Kingsmead complete a feasibility study on the proposed land, to access the potential number, type of dwellings and sizes. This will enable the land to reach maximum potential for the client.

We will work closely with the client and the local planning authority to ensure that complete openness & understanding is delivered to each party

Careful planning and design also enable us to produce the most cost effective value engineering to ensure the envisaged project come within budget.

We will produce the best available design to suite the size & shape of the land by having topographical survey carried out. Together with expert advice on value engineering, the design we produce will maximise the developments potential & the most economical way to build.

Computer generated images’ known as CGI’s will help visualise exactly what the client wants & needs for each house type or complete development images showing street scenes or shadowing that potential plots may cause to help assist a planners main concerns.


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We undertake the complete development works on a Design & Build contract & therefore take full responsibility for the design, planning, construction and project management of the development giving a turn key contract delivered on time & budget, hassle free.

Kingsmead also has a mixed selection of their own standard house types which help keep costs down on designing new bespoke properties.