Kingsmead Homes have a positive approach to Corporate Social Responsibility.

We are committed to being a good neighbour and to integrate with the communities in which we serve.

We recognise that much of the work we do contributes towards regeneration of the areas in which we operate.

Kingsmead Homes is a local Merseyside based company and our main aim is to source the vast majority of our materials from the suppliers in our local area of which we are 80% successful in our targets. The elements of work we subcontract out to other companies has a main emphasis on sourcing local contactors. Were this is not possible our commercial department may need to go to a larger contractor for certain elements & in the tender pack were possible we ask for a percentage to be from local labour/suppliers.

When we have a need to acquire additional staff we advertise in the local community job centre which we have found to be highly successful.

All of Kingsmead Homes properties come with a specific Home User Guide, which gives information about their home and the area in which they live. It provides information on keeping energy costs down and encourages recycling.

This enables the tenant to work from home and use the internet without having to travel to work and being digitally included encourages school children and helps them to complete their homework, helps people when searching for jobs as the majority of jobs are advertised online and only admit applicants online.

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